Blinded by her Fillers
11 SEPT 2015

A woman from Leeds in Yorkshire has been blinded from a cosmetic injection following a visit to a central London Clinic. ” Meiska, 53, bears the unwelcome accolade of being the only woman in Britain to have been blinded by a dermal filler ” wrote the Daily Mail yesterday in their article entitled I Was Blinded By Filler

What happened to Meiska is tragic, her life has been irrevocably altered by a cosmetic treatment which is perceived to be such a safe treatment, that here in the UK beauticians can give these injections, but was this avoidable? The answer to that is a simple - Yes as all treatments have side effects and complications can occur, the only sure way to avoid a side effect or a complication is not to have the treatment. Blindness is a known reported complication of cosmetic filler injections, particularly to the upper part of the face and in this case we understand Meiska was undergoing an injection treatment around her temples and the outer eye area. Dr Jean Carruthers reported earlier this year that 98 people are now recorded worldwide to have lost vision in one or both eyes after being injected with a facial fillers.

Could this happen to me?

Blindness is a very serious but also very rare complication following a filler injection to the face. Meiska is the the only reported case in the UK, many of the other cases have occurred overseas and were mostly related to fat injections and not the very commonly used Hyaluronic Acid fillers. If we examine the numbers of those affected almost 100 cases of blindness recorded against the many millions of filler treatments performed over the same period, then we must conclude that the risk is very, very rare at less than 1 percent.

” I am glad that Meiska has finally gone public to tell her own personal story, but I dont think that people will suddenly stop having filler injections because of this” says our Lead Nurse Cheryl Barton, “in my view it is indefensible to treat anyone with any facial filler be that fat, HA, PLLA or collagen without informing them of this very rare but life changing risk”

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