Blood Test for Ageing
07 SEPT 2015

Like it or not as this extraordinary video shows its our Date of Birth that defines us. In chronological terms we all age the same way as in the years and months and days lived, but if you’ve ever wondered why he looks much older than 45, yet she still looks fabulous at 60 and you had attributed that to a healthy life style, skin care or even the Botox, you may need to think again.

Until now there has been no reliable way to measure how well a person is ageing compared with their friends and family. However, a new blood test, announced today can now reliably measure our Biological Age. The researchers at King’s College London, led by Professor James Timmons have discovered the molecular genetic markers that contribute to how each one of us will age and they have developed a new blood test that can give a person an ‘ageing score’ based on their own genetic makeup. Prof Timmons says ‘We use birth year, or chronological age, to judge everything from insurance premiums to whether you get a medical procedure or not”.

The findings are published today in Genome Biology we have known for sometime that it is the combination of both Genes and Lifestyle that can speed up or slow down our biological ageing clock, but this blood test may have a huge impact on how medical professionals manage and improve the degenerative disorders caused through age related disease such as Alzheimer’s and Cardio Vascular Disease and by helping to dentify those people most at risk.

“We will be following the progress of this research very closely, its very exciting” says Cheryl Barton and the Aesthetika Team will be reporting back to you on any developments on how this could be applied to anti-ageing treatments and procedures.

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