Hottest July On Record
21 AUGUST 2015

​Its official July 2015 has been recorded as the hottest month on earth since records began.

Nine out of the ten hottest months since records began in 1880 were recorded in the last decade, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA )

So we need to get seriously Sun Smart and that means understanding exactly what sunscreen is and what it isn’t. Whilst we can enjoy the sun we know that those Ultra Violet ( UV ) rays can be harmful to our skin and Dermatologists are reporting more cases of skin cancer now than at any other time.

Sunscreen isn’t just about Sun Cream its about taking several measures to protect you and your families skin. Why should we be careful, well as the British Association of Dermatologists ( BAD ) report many people associate a tan with looking healthy, but a tan is actually a sign that our skin has been harmed by UV radiation and is trying to defend itself against any further damage as this Fact Sheet on Tanning produced by the skin experts shows.

As Dr Julie Sharp of Cancer Research UK says, the worst thing about too much sun may just be sunburn and strap marks now, but give it a few years and you could have wrinkles, moles, freckles, brown patches and, sometimes, skin cancer. Every year, more than 2,000 people die from malignant melanoma, and more than two people aged 15 to 34 are diagnosed with malignant melanoma every day in the UK

We all enjoy the sun, it lifts our mood and makes us feel better, but heres Seven Facts about tanning that you may not know.

And if you are thinking that sun beds and indoor tanning is any safer than over exposure to the sun, then you are very much mistaken, sunbeds can increase your risks of getting skin cancer and they will certainly make you look older. Did you know It’s illegal for under-18s to use sunbeds.

Find out more information on how you can keep yourself and the family Sun Safe now and in the future

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