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28 SEPT 2015

According to research conducted by Galderma 70% of Doctors and Nurses they interviewed said, the biggest fear for patients having cosmetic fillers is to look unnatural. We would certainly agree with that, older patients tell us they remember Leslie Ash and Pete Burns and the horrors of their trout pouts and the younger ones recall the botched lips they’ve seen on reality celebrity TV.

Cheryl Barton maintains that most patients who attend Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield don’t particularly want to look younger either, they want to look fresher, brighter and less tired and she goes on to say that “the majority of patients we see here in Sheffield definitely do not want to look done, there is a huge difference in having something done and looking done. ”Its Cheryl’s view that the difference between ‘having something done’ and ‘looking done’ depends on two very important factors, primarily the person doing your treatment and secondly the products that they use on you.

In an endeavour to build trust in aesthetic treatments, Dermatology Pharma Company, Galderma makers of Restylane Dermal Fillers headed up a novel experiment with their Proof in Real Life campaign. The company appointed 57 year old actress Sharon Stone who has undergone Restylane injection treatments herself, launched a global consumer campaign announced earlier this year at the Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC) in Monaco.

The ‘Proof in Real Life’ campaign promotes natural looking results following treatment with Restylane fillers and Restylane Skinboosters, in a really novel move, Galderma, invited 200 guests to compare the results of their Restylane Dermal Fillers and Skin Boosters on 10 sets of identical twins, with the audience left guessing which identical twin had undergone the Restylane Treatments, Sharon Stone said ‘it is inspiring when science meets beauty in such an effective way.”

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