Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts
04 SEPT 2015

​The Aesthetika Team have been invited by the makers of Silhouette Soft to attend their World Experts Meeting ( WEM ) next month in Barcelona.

With so many Silhouette Soft experts gathered together in one place from all around the globe you can be assured that this is truly a world class treatment, provided by Aesthetika for our patients here at the Sheffield Clinic

“Aesthetika Clinic have been treating patients with the Silhouette Lift for over three years now, this procedure is definitely an option for those of us who aren’t quite ready or do not want to go under the knife, but want a facial lift. It is not surgery and does not because of that it doesn’t have the associated risks that complex facial surgery can have and theres relatively no downtime. ” says Cheryl Barton lead nurse at Aesthetika Clinic.

There is no special preparation required prior to Silhouette Soft ® treatment, the procedure is relatively simple, the thread is applied into the deeper layers of skin and this causes a compression and results in elevating the tissues thus restoring shape. The facial contours are redefined, cheeks look fuller and the jowl and jaw line can appear tighter and crisper. Over time, as the threads dissolve the skin can regain its firmness giving a more gradual and natural appearance.

Patients tell us they want less Nip and Tuck the Before and After images of Silhouette show a natural look with long lasting results, little down time and is affordable.

The Aesthetika Team will be reporting live from Barcelona so keep an eye out on the website for the latest Silhouette Soft News

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