Stocking Fillers and Botox Parties
15 SEPT 2015

At the risk of being a party pooper we would urge caution to anyone who is considering a cosmetic injection this party season to thoroughly do their research and homework.

​Dermal Fillers are injectable medical devices, they are available for you on prescription from your Aesthetic Doctor Registered Nurse or Dentist and when administered by the experts fillers they can give amazing transformative results as seen here

However they are not without risk, currently “there is no requirement when advertising these injections to the public to inform on these risks or give any information on safety and we think that needs addressing urgently” says Cheryl Barton, Nursing Lead at Aesthetika in Sheffield. There is a growing black market in the UK for untried, untested and counterfeit cosmetic injections, largely advertised on social media platforms by those who have no interest whatsoever in your health or well being. Today we are urging caution and asking the general public in Sheffield to be wary of the ‘Pop Up Clinics’ ‘Rogue Traders’ and ‘Botox ® Dealers’ who just want to make money by making you miserable and it is at this time of year that their advertising to you really steps up pace. You don’t have to browse very far to find a Botox Party or a BOGOF on a high street near you, promising that if you bring a friend you can even share a little Stocking Filler.

Did you know that it is prohibited to advertise Botox in the UK. The Committees of Advertising Practice ( CAP ) Code makes it clear that prescription only medicines or prescription only medical treatments may not be advertised to the public Rule 12.12 Botox is a prescription only medicine, so if they are openly breaking the rules on advertising what other rules are they breaking behind closed doors.

At the risk of being the party pooper we would urge great caution to anyone who is considering a cosmetic injection this party season to thoroughly do their homework and research, check that the Dentist, Doctor or Registered Nurse is listed on the mandatory Regulating Bodies Register the General Dental Council GDC for dentists, the General Medical Council GMC for doctors and the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC for registered nurses.

Yes you trust your friend’s recommendation

Yes your sister had it and it went all OK

Yes they are the cheapest around

Sounds good so far, so why wouldn’t you.

Ask yourself what if your friend is wrong; what if your sister becomes ill from hepatitis, was it really worth going to the cheapest on the day. We all know that by cutting corners we can reduce costs. There are recorded reports that there has been a rise in counterfeit Botox brought in from outside the UK, the botox and filler dealers buy the injections online from the far east where there is little or no regulation on the manufacturing,
handling or storing process.The makers of the injections and medicines that have a legitimate license to distribute their products in the in the UK do not supply directly to you online so if you see Botox or Fillers advertised to buy online, ask yourself is it Worth It.

Thinking about an injectable treatment over the party season?

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