The Ageing Process
21 SEPT 2015

​We spell it ’ ageing ’ here in the UK, the Americans tend to drop the ‘e’ and spell it aging, whatever way, let us spell it out, ageing is a universal truth, it begins the day we are born and is the process of becoming older. Throughout history man has sought to find the fountain of youth and tried to turn back time and today we are bombarded by adverts for face creams with media images of youthful smooth skin, with claims that this product holds the promise to anti-age us.

Can we really stop ageing? To answer that we have to look at what exactly ageing is, we know it is inevitable with many complex systems playing a part in our biological ageing and that our genes and lifestyle play a huge role. So, no - it is just not physically possible to stop the ageing process, unless of course we die. If we can’t stop it, can we slow it down or reverse it? Maybe, as scientists have recently discovered that we may have very different biological and chronological clocks and have developed a blood test that can showed some of us with a chronological age of seventy have a much younger biological age and this may explain why some of us look younger at a certain age than others do.

But its the physical appearance of ageing that we tend to notice first in the mirror, those first few wrinkles around the eyes, a vertical line between the eyebrows and the horizontal lines that don’t go away on the forehead; these upper face lines and wrinkles can be smoothed with Botox injections. The video shows how in time skin creases and collapses, and in some cases a course of rehydrating filler injections can help to correct this. There is no doubt that skin ages more quickly when it has been repeatedly over exposed to the suns harmful rays and sunscreen is the single most important anti ageing cream you can apply today to help in the prevention of premature wrinkles.

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