Threads and Needles
05 OCT 2015

​There are two types of Thread Lifts available at the Aesthetika Clinic, the Silhouette Soft and the Polydioxanone Threads commonly known now as a PDO thread and these two can be combined for our combined special ‘A Lift’ ( Aesthetika Lift ).

Both of these techniques act by strengthening and tightening skin and this results in a firmer and tighter look to loose skin, the treatment is especially popular for those who wish to improve the look of the lower face by reducing jowls and tightening the law line.

Aesthetika Clinic report increasing numbers of women requesting a thread lift over injectable fillers and Cheryl Barton thinks this may be because fillers can distort the contours of the face by creating too much volume. “Patients don’t all require facial volume, they may need skin tightening and strenghtening” says Cheryl “it is a mistake to just offer injectable fillers to patients, some of whom may be much better suited to a skin tightening treatment like a PDO or Silhouette Soft thread lift”.

Whilst fillers continue to have had a bad press, the thread lifts are enjoying a rise in popularity, the results are seen immediately and can last for up to two years. The best results for our Non Surgical Face A Lifting procedure are obtained when we combine treatments together, for example threads, injectable toxin and fillers along with prescription skin care, plus the excellent advice that we share with our patients, which is based on the latest findings and science from the global experts that we network with around the world, now that can create that ‘Celebrity A Lift Look’.

An appointment for a Thread Lift Consultation will take about 45 minutes of your time and are offered FREE OF CHARGE there is absolutly no obligation to continue on to a treatment and they can be arranged by contacting Aesthetika here

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