Bloody Mary

28 AUGUST 2015

La Tomatina Festival

The tomato throwing festival that occurs each year in Valencia, Spain was this year celebrated by Google with a new Google Doodle. Its not quite clear how the 70 year old festival began but the idea is to throw as many of the 1000 kgs of tomato pulp at anyone and everyone until…

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Hottest July On Record

21 AUGUST 2015

​Its official July 2015 has been recorded as the hottest month on earth since records began.

Nine out of the ten hottest months since records began in 1880 were recorded in the last decade, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA )

So we need to get seriously Sun Smart…

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Men are Manscaping

13 AUGUST 2015

Increasing numbers of men are searching for Cosmetic Procedures at AESTHETIKA Clinic in Sheffield. This is a first for AESTHETIKA, our website stats are reflecting that more Men than Women are now currently searching for Cosmetic Procedures and according to the experts it is the 40-70 year olds who are heading…

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