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27 FEB 2021
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​Passports, Tickets and a Negative PCR Test Result Please

It has been over a year since I used my passport, we were returning from Paris after the International Masterclass and Congress (IMCAS) 2020 on EuroStar last February and had no idea what was to befall us all later on the following month, with the first National Lockdown.

So with the recent announcement of a slowing up of the virus transmission, the vaccine optimism and a gentle easing of restrictions is it now time to get that passport dusted off and finally take a punt and book that summer getaway. Well the travel industry certainly think it is, there are numerous offers and adverts enticing us with travel to anywhere and everywhere for that all important, post pandemic and well deserved, family fun in the sun.

But and it is a BIG but… I am not too sure if I really feel ready to overstuff my suitcase with swim gear, sandals and

(not forgetting) the sunscreen,

because many of us still feel too anxious about going to the supermarket, let alone travelling to europe or overseas this year, so maybe not this year then for us.

We already knew that a PCR test had to be undertaken 72 hours BEFORE flying out of the UK at a cost of around £100-£250 per person, but the new rules that were introduced this month stipulate that when booking any holiday abroad there is now also a mandatory requirement to book a further Covid Testing Package, before leaving the UK, that includes PCR tests to be taken at Day 2 and Day 8 on your return to UK.

The costs for the Covid Testing Package vary from £210 - £500 per person as well as quarantining for 10 days. If returning from one of the Government’s new Red Listed countries then booking a mandatory Managed Quarantine Package is required, which includes the 10 Day (11 nights) stay in an approved Government quarantine hotel at a cost of £1750. Finally there are very steep penalties for those who think they can get round the system or use loopholes to avoid the testing or quarantine restrictions.

A family of four travelling to europe this year could find themselves paying an extra £2000 and maybe more to comply with the new UK testing requirements alone, then there’s the 10 days quarantine when you get back to UK and what if one of your party of four tests positive in the 72 hours before you even get on the flight, or reports any symptoms of coronavirus whilst away on holiday?

Decision is clear cut for me, the risk is one that I am not prepared to take - so sorry family we are not going abroad this year 2021, the travel restrictions and costs are just too onerous and quite rightly still to rigorous. So that’s why this year we will mostly be spending our staycation in God’s Own Country -Yorkshire

Aesthetika Clinic are UKAS Approved No 22383 and can be found on the DHSC Private Providers List for Covid-19 Testing and the service is launching March 2021

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