Instantly Ageless available in Sheffield
12 APRIL 2015
Instantly ageless

If you are bothered by under eye puffiness, dark circles and loose, thin, lax under eye skin then Instantly Ageless may be something that you might want to explore further.

Its a peach coloured cream, available in sachets or small tubes, that you spread thinly onto the skin. It contains a Hexapeptide called Agireline and it is interesting and well worth a trial if you haven’t seen the smoothing effect that can be achieved with it

There is a lot of hype, a lot of chatter and some stunning videos showing instant results. After testing it and researching the product we decided to make it available in Clinic and we have been really quite impressed, but beware, its not for everyone it isn’t always instant and it wont make you ‘ageless’.

There really is only one area that this is useful for and that is the under eye area, where the skin is thin, lax and loose and we have seen some very good results here with it. We have also seen side effects from it too and would advise that you stop using the product if you experience any redness, swelling or pain.

What is different about this product is how it is sold.
You can just pop into Clinic and trial a sample or buy a box or join a team and sell the product yourself to your friends, colleagues and family by signing up on the Jeunesse Global website.
You will need a URL address to type into your browser to sign up.
ours is here and you can sign up here using this.

Once you’ve typed into the address above,

1.Go to top right hand navigation bar and click “Join Now”
2.A new window appears, choose your country and language
3.Fill out the usual admin forms, there is a fee of £23 payable upfront by card, with this you also gain a starter pack.

Then its up to you to build your own team.

If you dont want to go through the membership sign up, then give us a call and pop down to Clinic, or come along with a friend for a trial of Instantly Ageless and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

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