Eyelash Enhancers at AESTHETIKA Sheffield

Eyelash Enhancers at AESTHETIKA Sheffield

​What are they?

There are a range of products available on the market today that can give you longer, darker, sleeker lashes. From mascara, to false lashes and even the side effects from some prescription only medicines can enhance eyelashes.

What do they do?

The first mascara’s were said to be used in 4000BC, used by both men and women and mascara is said to be the most common cosmetic product found in our makeup bags today. Mascara consists of a wax, oil, pigments and preservatives and is typically applied with a wand applicator. We’ve been wearing false lashes for nearly 100 years, they are designed for short term use and typically made of silk, mink and synthetic hair and applied using glue’s.

Forward on the the 21st Century and we have eyelash solutions that claim to give us longer, sleeker, darker lashes in a product that is applied like a mascara, ElastiLash® by Obagi is one such product. Then there are prescription only medicines (POM) with side effects, one such product is Bimatoprost 0.3% which is only available on prescription.

When applied to the eyelashes Bimatoprost has a side effect, which some consider is an enhancing characteristic, this can result in fuller, longer and darker lashes.

Eyelid skin darkening can occur with Brimatoprost and it can cause brown pigmentation in the eyes which is likely to be permanent.

Any prescription issued to you should follow on from a Face to Face Consultation with your Aesthetic Doctor or Nurse.

Are they permanant?

No, but side effects can be.

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​Long lashes in both men and women have always been considered as desirable and attractive.

The side effect of Bimatoprost a prescription medicine, and all medicines can have side effects, these may be seen as good by some and bad by others. Any prescribed medicine can have contraindications and a prescription should only be issued to you following on from a ‘Face to Face’ consultation and discussion with your Doctor or Nurse.

Be careful of any prescribed drug that is made easily available to you on the internet or via Email.

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Your attention to detail regards covid safety & my treatment was second to none as always

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