EarFold ®

EarFold ®

Welcome to the Sheffield Earfold® Clinic for Prominent Ears

PLEASE NOTE Earfold is no longer available at Aesthetika Clinic.

What is Earfold

Earfold is a small implant that is designed to reposition prominent ears quickly. It works because the implant is curved, so after it is inserted into your ear under local anaesthetic, it springs into shape, helping to correct your ear prominence by creating or enhancing what’s known as the antihelical fold.

Unlike standard otoplasty Earfold® gives you the opportunity to choose how your ears will look BEFORE you decide whether to be treated.

What is Earfold made of

Earfold® is made from the highly elastic material called nitinol, which is widely used in medicine. It is coated with 24-carat gold to reduce visibility under your skin.

Will I need time off work

The Earfold® procedure has been designed to be minimally invasive. The procedure typically takes about 30 minutes for both ears and is performed using local anaesthetic. Pain typically subsides in 24-48 hours and no bandages. You should be able to return to work as soon as you feel comfortable to do so.

Could I have an allergic reaction to Earfold

Earfold® implants are made from a lightweight metal alloy called nitinol, coated with 24-carat gold to reduce visibility under your skin.

Both substances are widely used in many other healthcare products because they are biocompatible (i.e. they should not react to your body). It is possible though for individuals to have allergic reactions to any different substances. We will take a detailed medical during your consultation that will include any allergies and sensitivities that you have and if you think you could be allergic to any of the metals that make up Earfold® then we will discuss what your options are.

Is Earfold® permanent?


The Earfold® implants are biocompatible and are designed to be left in place permanently.

That said, if for whatever reason you are not completely happy with Earfold®, the implant can be removed. Simply speak to your surgeon in Clinic and we will talk you through the options.

Why Choose EarFold ®?
  • EarFold has a shorter recovery time than traditional corrective surgery – no head bandages so you can return to work as soon as you feel comfortable
  • You can choose the position of your ears before treatment using the EarFold PreFold Device
  • Fast treatment – the procedure typically takes about 20 minutes for both ears
  • The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic
  • EarFold procedure is performed by a GMC specialist registered surgeon
  • All your options for corrective ear surgery will be discussed face to face with your surgeon
  • If you chose - you can talk to some of our patients who have already undergone Earfold and want to share their journey with you
  • Mr Aftab Ahmed has been specially trained by Allergan the makers of the Earfold device to perform this procedure
  • There is absolutely no obligation to proceed and we will not rush you in any way to make a decision - we want you to be absolutely sure that you understand what Earfold is and how it can help you
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Your attention to detail regards covid safety & my treatment was second to none as always

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