Face Lift

Face Lift

A Rhytidectomy is commonly known as a ‘Face Lift’. Cosmetic Surgery to the face can ‘turn back time’ by reducing the appearance of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles.


A Face Lift can produce a softer, fresher more youthful look in both men and women.


There are many different procedures that can be done to achieve a Face Lift. A surgical lift should be performed by a specialist surgeon who will discuss your expectations along with the options, risks and complications of the surgery with you at length.


Surgery produces a permanent change and will result in scars, however as time goes by the facial appearance will continue to change as the decades go by.


Face Lift will require repeating approximately every ten years or more to keep the results looking fresh. Maintenance is also required after surgery and this could be with cosmetic injections, peels and a good skin care regime. It is commonly thought that a Face Lift will take 10 years off your appearance, however current research doesn’t support this with some studies indicating that it will only reduce the appearance by just 4 or 6 years. There is no doubt that a Face Lift that is done well can enhance facial appearance. All surgery comes with risk, ensure you know what those risks are.

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