Laser Hair Removal in Sheffield

Laser Hair Removal in Sheffield

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield provide Laser Hair Removal Treatment. This is a very effective treatment that is used to reduce and remove unwanted hair from the Face and Body.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Hair follicles are targeted by the light emitted by the Lumenis Aculight ® Laser and dark coloured hairs absorb this light, making the follicle, which is the growing part of the hair unable to regrow a new hair. Laser Hair Removal can result in a significant and long lasting reduction, if not permanent reduction in hair to any given area. For example after 4 -6 Laser hair Removal Treatments at the Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield, given at 3 to 4 weekly intervals, the under arm ( axilla ) and bikini line hair can appear significantly reduced. It is a very effective method of Hair Reduction, it is not suitable for some skin types and there are contraindications to treatment and risks associated with Laser treatments, therefore a Consultation and a Test Patch are essential before starting any treatment programme.

Is The Treatment Permanent?

It may be. The results are very long lasting.

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he conventional methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, plucking, threading, epilation and sugaring require hair to be grown to a certain length before treatment and need repetition after just 3-6 weeks and can result in infection, ingrowing hairs and unsightly pigmentation. Other salon methods of hair removal such as electrolysis can also cause problems with scarring and are very painful and will require multiple treatments. There are hand held light devices on the market, these are relatively new and we have seen a patient presenting with burns to her face from using such a device. Laser Hair Removal is different because it treats the hair bulb that sits deep in the skin, the hair does not need to be grown before a treatment and the laser renders the bulb incapable of producing further hairs. Laser Hair Removal is a World Class treatment it uses 21st Century technology and it can change lives, but it is not without its complications and risks, be sure you know what those are, visit a reputable clinic with experienced Laser Operators and remember not all Light Emitting Devices are Lasers.

Cost - Laser Hair Removal Price starts from £50

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