NLite and RegenLite laser for Acne in Sheffield

NLite and RegenLite laser for Acne in Sheffield

What is a NLite Laser and a RegenLite Laser

The N-Lite Laser and RegenLite Lasers are Pulsed Dye Lasers ( PDL ). They have a wavelength of between 580 and 590 mms and use an organic dye as a lasing medium. Both of these Lasers are used to treat Active Acne and Acne Scarring. The NLite Laser gained FDA approval to treat active acne over a decade ago.

Can the NLite and RegenLite laser help to treat my acne


Whether it is active acne or acne scarring the NLite technology is very effective on the majority of patients with mild to moderate acne.

We know that acne is a condition that is responsive to light and Pulsed Dye Lasers produce a unique yellow light. Many patients tell us that their acne can improve during the summer and gets worse again in the winter months. The Nlite Laser has been shown in Randomised Clinical Trials undertaken by Dermatologists Dr T. Chu and Dr E. Seaton ( Skin Experts ) at Imperial College, London to be very effective when used to treat Active Acne following a single treatment. Their research published in The Lancet 2003, won worldwide acclaim in the fight to treat acne ( scroll down for more information on the clinical trial). Dr Chu said that he thought this laser was the biggest breakthrough in acne for thirty years’

Can anyone have a laser treatment for acne?


A Consultation with Doctor or Nurse is essential prior to a treatment and there are certain contraindications to treatment. For instance we would not wish to treat you whilst you were taking some certain medicines and treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy or lactation. We will tell you more about this during the consultation.

What can I expect during an NLite laser Treatment for active acne at the Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield

Hear what the experts say about treating Acne with the Regenlite laser

If you are a candidate for treatment and have no contraindications we will perform the treatment here in our Laser Suite. With your permission we will undertake medical photography and start the laser treatment following some simple skin preparation. Lasers can have some serious side effects and if used inappropriatley can damage the very delicate blood vessels in the eyes, so to protect you we will ask you to wear protective eye shields, these look similar to swimming goggles and this is in order to keep your eyes safe from the very bright laser light.The NLite Laser Operator then passes the hand piece, which resembles a pen, over the area that we need to treat. Common areas for treatment are the face and neck. During the treatment you will be aware of flashing light and will experience a warm prickling sensation each time the laser fires.

Does the NLite laser treatment for acne have any side effects


All treatments can have side effects and when considering any treatment you should consider the risks and the benefits. You may or may not look red and blotchy for a few hours, there may also be some small bruises. When we consider and compare other treatments for acne NLite is proven to have few risks and side effects.

How many treatments will I need

Acne was proven to improve at two to four weeks, following one single treatment. However its our experience that if you are having the NLite treatment at Aesthetika Clinic, Sheffield for the first time that a course of three or more treatments is required to manage the condition of active acne. (Scroll down to resources to view Before and After pictures)

Ive heard that NLite and RegenLite Lasers can help with acne scarring

Yes it can.

During a Pulsed Dye NLite Laser treatment tiny blood vessels within the skin are heated up and this in turn can help to produce collagen which helps as a scaffolding for the skin.

Why Choose NLite and RegenLite laser for Acne in Sheffield?
  • Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield are very experienced and have been using the NLite Laser for the treatment of active acne for almost fifteen years
  • Our lead nurse Cheryl Barton is "A Model for Best Practice" when consulting patients with active acne, said Alison Dudley, then CEO of the Acne Support Group
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he impact of active acne and acne scarring on both the young and old should not be under estimated, it can have a profound effect on all aspects of life and this may be experienced for years and years.

Our philosophy is To Stop The Spots, because then we can stop the associated scarring.

Acne is a very common skin condition and commonly presents as spots which may be blackheads and whiteheads, it can be mild to severe with painful deep inflamed, pus-filled pustules and cysts. It is prevalent during the teen years, with varying degrees of severity from mild to severe. There is absolutely no one quick fix or a single cure to treat acne. However pulsed dye laser treatment with the NLite Laser has been clinically proven to be very effective in reducing acne. It is easily administered and when compared to other acne treatment therapies such as Antibiotics and the controversial drug Roaccutane, the side effects are minimal.

We would always advise any patient to first consult with their GP should they or a family member be concerned that they may have acne.


Test Patch £60

Treatment Sessions start from £125

A course of treatments may be advised

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