Welcome to the Sheffield Thread Vein Treatment Clinic

Welcome to the Sheffield Thread Vein Treatment Clinic

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is the name given to an injection treatment that is used to reduce the appearance of unsightly red, blue and purple thread veins on the Face or Body. This treatment is not available on the NHS as it is thought to be a cosmetic issue, but this can cause great distress, with many female patients telling us that they are afraid to wear short skirts or shorts.

How does Sclerotherapy work?

The very small veins are injected with a prescription medicine of a sclerosing agent and this kickstarts a process that reduces the cosmetic appearance of these small veins.The process can last some months before the result is seen and depending on the severity and amount of veins a number of treatments may be recommended by Doctor or Nurse.

Is Sclerotherapy permanent?

No - it is generally thought that the treatment will need repeating from about 18 months when new veins may start to appear, you may be lucky and it may be 5 or 10 years before another treatment is necessary.


​lthough Laser treatments are also used to treat thread veins there is good evidence that Sclerotherapy is very effective treatment for reducing the visual appearance of Thread Veins on the lower part of the body, for instance the legs. We would use a Laser to treat the Face and use Sclerotherapy for Legs and sometimes we may combine the treatments together.

Remember that repeated Sclerotherapy treatments may be necessary over a period of time and that a maintenance treatment may well be required to keep those pesky veins at bay.

Always Consult with your Doctor or Nurse and be aware that all treatments incur a level of risk and may result in a complication.

Prices start from £250

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