Silhouette Soft Thread Lift in Sheffield

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift in Sheffield

What is Silhouette Soft ® ?

The Silhouette Soft ® Lift is available at the Aesthetika Clinic Sheffield and has been referred to in the press as The Puppet Face Lift.

It is a newest and latest method of strengthening and lifting loose and lax skin without the use of a scalpel. Silhouette Soft Lift ® treatment originated in the USA where its sister treatment Silhouette Lift has been used successfully to lift foreheads, brows and eyebrows. The skilful placement and use of these threads helps to create a lift with a more defined and contoured look to facial features. The ingredient within Silhouette Soft ® is called polyLactic acid ( PLA ) this is fully absorbable and dissolves over time and it has been used for many years in medicines and during surgery such as sutures (stitches). Suture, is the other name for a surgical thread, used to stitch the very delicate soft body tissues.

Can Silhouette Soft ® be used in complete safety?

The development of Silhouette Soft ® is based on many years of experience in suture and thread suspension with cones as used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery in the United States ( Silhouette Lift ® ). Silhouette Soft ® is made in the USA and is subject to numerous controls. Silhouette Soft ® received CE 0499 approval and the ISO 13485 standards in accordance with European Directive 93/42. Silhouette Soft ® can be used to treat various parts of the face and new applications for various parts of the body are currently being developed.

How long do the results last?

The visible benefits of Silhouette Soft ® treatment can last up to 18 months.

Which areas can be treated using Silhouette Soft ® ?

  • Contour
  • Lower jaw
  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

What must be done before Silhouette Soft ® treatment?

Aesthetika Clinic Sheffield strongly recommend that you discuss your expectations during a Face To Face Consultation with us. You can ask Doctor or Nurse any questions that you may have about the procedure before starting the treatment and we would like you to have a cooling off period following the consultation to consider all the options available to you. Please inform Doctor or Nurse of any treatment you may have already received and of any medicines you are currently taking. Only Doctors and advanced Registered Nurses who have been thoroughly trained and insured to provide Silhouette Soft® should be treating you.

What happens immediately after Silhouette Soft ® treatment?

After Silhouette Soft ® treatment here at the Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield, we will provide you with written after care instructions and we will want to see you back in clinic after about one month. As with any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment, there is likely to be some degree of swelling, redness and bruising may be observed, but these should usually resolve within days. There is sometimes a slight wrinkling of the skin ( required for optimisation of the treatment ) which disappears very quickly in a day or two. The press publicise this as a Lunchtime Lift procedure, although you may feel fine to return back to work. we would not want to trivialise this as a procedure by representing it as a ’ lunchtime lift ‘.

Are there any contraindications to Silhouette Soft ® treatment?

All treatments will have some contraindications. We cannot treat you if you have certain medical conditions and you must not use Silhouette Soft ® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Is Silhouette Soft ® treatment painful?

The patients we have treated in Sheffield tell us that this isn’t a painful treatment, however the local anaesthetic can cause some stinging and there may be some discomfort once the local anaesthetic has worn off. We will advise you about effective pain relief and discuss this with you during the Face to Face Consultation at the Sheffield Clinic.

Are there any recommendations to be followed after Silhouette Soft ® treatment?

  • During the week following treatment, do not undergo any dental surgery and avoid facial massages or any beauty treatment.
  • For the first few weeks, avoid any contact sport.
  • Preferably sleep on your back.
  • In the event of pain, take a pain reliever according to your doctor’s prescription.

Silhouette Soft ® is a new and very exciting Aesthetic Treatment available in the Aesthetika Sheffield clinic today. Its sister treatment the Silhouette Lift ® has been FDA approved for several years and been successfully used around the world for its medical application to successfully lift foreheads and eye brows. Silhouette Soft ® is not a surgical face lift and does not give those same results however on the positive side it doesn’t have the complications or down time that surgery would entail. So If surgery is not something you would consider then this treatment may be something you would like to explore further with us.

The results are immediate and the results very much depend on the extent of facial ageing, volume loss and skin laxity. Aesthetika Doctors and Nurses will estimate how many threads would be required for the desired effect, the visual look can last for up to 2 years. It is not a permanent treatment and will need repeating.

It is Best Practice, and we would strongly advise that you first undergo a Face to Face Consultation with Doctor or Nurse before any aesthetic procedure. Ensure you choose an experienced Doctor or Nurse for this procedure, one who is registered with either the GMC or NMC and that you are treated within an appropriate clinical settling.

Cost - Silhouette Soft ® prices start from £750

WARNING All treatments incur some level of risk, ensure you know what those are for this treatment

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