No Valentine - No Problem

12 FEB 2015
Love yourself

​If like me you are waking up this Saturday morning, on yet another Valentines Day without the card, flowers, chocs and perfume

then take heart. Sprawl out like a star fish in that big warm bed, turn over and look in the mirror and give that person you see there a Big Fat Kiss,

because that person staring…

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Flowers and chocolates for Valentines day - No ThankYou

04 FEB 2015

When researchers asked women how they’d feel if their partner bought them botox, 78 per cent said they’d be impressed,

15 per cent said they would be mildly pleased yet concerned, and the remaining seven per cent said they would be slightly offended or not happy.

The study also looked at which cosmetic treatments women would like…

Posted by: Aesthetika
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