Skin Care For Men

Skin Care For Men
Skin care for men

Skin Care for Men has really come of age, its out of the closet and its in your face. Its no longer acceptable for a Guy to have to go undercover and buy an eye liner ‘for my sister’, the Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and now SuperDrug ranges have that covered.

Men now understand that the ‘SSS’ Shave - Shampoo - Shower ritual is OK, but it is not going to cut or maintain a youthful, fresh and healthy skin.

Men and Women Are Different - no surprise there then and although male and female skin is similar its those hormones that really causes differences in the skin that effect sebum production, sweating, hair and fat distribution.

When it comes to sweat, men do sweat more than women and its stays on the body for longer, men can produce more oil making them more prone to acne. Mail skin is slightly more acidic than female skin making their skin more sensitive and any bloke will tell you the pain of the ‘burn’ after shaving and applying aftershave.

Why Choose Skin Care For Men?
  • Because men are beautiful too
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“​I really appreciated your advice and honesty…”

MR Sheffield - Feb 2015
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