06 JAN 2021
Covid-19 tier posters 16 december 2020 04

What a way to start 2021

1 in 50 people now have the virus and 1 in 3 who have the virus have no symptoms and will be unaware that they are spreading Covid.

Those who have no symptoms are referred to as asymptomatic and it is this group who are a high risk to you, as they may…

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Happy New Year

01 JAN 2021
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2021 is finally here

and we finally get to say goodbye to 2020 at last.

Whether you are waking up today peeping out at 2021 from behind the curtains feeling anxious or just too wary to venture outside, or pulling up the lycra, planning your next new 5K route on that electronic gadget you got for Christmas, most of us…

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Last Dates for Christmas Delivery

02 DEC 2020
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22nd December 2020

If you are worried about travelling around right now and cant get in to Aesthetika Clinic to see us and pick up your skincare products then…

Please don’t worry we will take care of it - we can send them out to you 1st Class Post via Royal Mail

Call us…

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UK Government proposing to ban Microbeads

03 SEPT 2016

MPs have recommended banning the tiny particles of plastic called “microbeads” which are used in a number of cosmetics and cleaning products.

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Autumn 2016 News

01 SEPT 2016

​How has your Summer 2016 been?

The Aesthetika Team has had a very busy period, we welcomed Quinn Atherton to the team in May and sadly said goodbye to Beth Layne in June.

EarFold ®

Mr Durham continues to be busy with his Rhinoplasty case load and as a GMC Specialist Surgeon he was invited by Allergan…

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EarFold for the Treatment of Prominent Ears

02 DEC 2020

Approximately 5,000 surgical operations to correct prominent ears are performed each year in the UK.

We believe that there are patients who would consider correction of their prominent ears, but for one reason or another choose not to go ahead with traditional surgery.

For those of you who have considered correction of prominent or asymmetrical ears there is…

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Skin Tight

10 DEC 2015

Wrinkle Crinkle Crevice Crease - Will These Wrinkles Ever Cease

When patients don’t want invasive surgery or injections but do want skin smoothing, just what are the options available today?

The Pelléve Wrinkle Reduction System is one treatment that offers skin smoothing and tightening through…

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Autumn Offer

19 OCT 2015

Aesthetika is very proud to be one of the few Clinics here in the UK providing the NEW pHFormula facial skin peels, used to treat and manage facial pigmentation ( brown spots and patches ) on ageing skin leaving skin feeling smoother and looking brighter

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Threads and Needles

05 OCT 2015

​There are two types of Thread Lifts available at the Aesthetika Clinic, the Silhouette Soft and the Polydioxanone Threads commonly known now as a PDO thread and these two can be combined for our combined special ‘A Lift’ ( Aesthetika Lift ).

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Dont DIY

30 SEPT 2015

‘“It felt like someone had poured boiling water on my arm and then got a lighter to it”

Trading Standards are today warning the public not to buy these so called DIY Tattoo Removal kits from the internet as this graphic video shows they can cause serious harm.

This BBC investigation reveals the…

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Science meets Beauty

28 SEPT 2015

According to research conducted by Galderma 70% of Doctors and Nurses they interviewed said, the biggest fear for patients having cosmetic fillers is to look unnatural. We would certainly agree with that, older patients tell us they remember Leslie Ash and Pete Burns and the horrors of their trout pouts and the younger ones recall the botched lips they’ve seen…

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The Ageing Process

21 SEPT 2015

​We spell it ’ ageing ’ here in the UK, the Americans tend to drop the ‘e’ and spell it aging, whatever way, let us spell it out, ageing is a universal truth, it begins the day we are born and is the process of becoming older. Throughout history man has sought to find the fountain of youth and tried…

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Stocking Fillers and Botox Parties

15 SEPT 2015
Master one - lady for news feature

At the risk of being a party pooper we would urge caution to anyone who is considering a cosmetic injection this party season to thoroughly do their research and homework.

​Dermal Fillers are injectable medical devices, they are available for you on prescription from your Aesthetic Doctor Registered Nurse or Dentist and when administered…

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Blinded by her Fillers

11 SEPT 2015

A woman from Leeds in Yorkshire has been blinded from a cosmetic injection following a visit to a central London Clinic. ” Meiska, 53, bears the unwelcome accolade of being the only woman in Britain to have been blinded by a dermal filler ” wrote the Daily Mail yesterday in their article entitled I Was Blinded…

Blood Test for Ageing

07 SEPT 2015

Like it or not as this extraordinary video shows its our Date of Birth that defines us. In chronological terms we all age the same way as in the years and months and days lived, but if you’ve ever wondered why he looks much older than 45, yet she still looks fabulous at 60 and you had attributed that to…

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