Facial Fillers and The Covid Jab

24 JAN 2021
Lips injectons cartoon

Why you should get the Covid-19 vaccine even if you have fillers

Despite what you may have read or heard out there, let’s get this straight - Facial Filler injections are not a known contraindication to the Covid19 vaccine.

We would strongly advise that whether you have facial fillers or…

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06 JAN 2021
Covid-19 tier posters 16 december 2020 04

What a way to start 2021

1 in 50 people now have the virus and 1 in 3 who have the virus have no symptoms and will be unaware that they are spreading Covid.

Those who have no symptoms are referred to as asymptomatic and it is this group who are a high risk to you, as they may…

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Happy New Year

01 JAN 2021
Happy new year jpeg

2021 is finally here

and we finally get to say goodbye to 2020 at last.

Whether you are waking up today peeping out at 2021 from behind the curtains feeling anxious or just too wary to venture outside, or pulling up the lycra, planning your next new 5K route on that electronic gadget you got for Christmas, most of us…

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