Facial Fillers and The Covid Jab
24 JAN 2021
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Why you should get the Covid-19 vaccine even if you have fillers

Despite what you may have read or heard out there, let’s get this straight - Facial Filler injections are not a known contraindication to the Covid19 vaccine.

We would strongly advise that whether you have facial fillers or not that you do take up the offer of the Covid Jab. There is still a lot we don’t know about Covid, but we do definitely know that facial fillers are currently not a known contraindication at this time.

Aesthetika will keep you up to date here and on Aesthetika Sheffield Facebook page should this change, but we don’t foresee that advice changing now or in the future.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes the corona virus disease which can prove fatal for some high risk groups. The virus is very easily spread, all of us are at risk and may be spreading it on close contact, yes ALL of us even those who have no signs or symptoms of the disease may well be spreading the virus.

When you receive the letter for your appointment to have the vaccine, please do take up the offer and do not let the Fake News that facial fillers are a contraindication to the jab stop you.

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Your attention to detail regards covid safety & my treatment was second to none as always

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