Lips Are Back and we are Loving them in Sheffield
25 JULY 2015
Love yourself

Spring and Summer 2015 have been the Seasons of the Lip

Since we posted this picture in February its been all about Lips Lips Lips…

Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield have seen a surge in patients looking for Lip Enhancements. Patients are requesting bigger, rounder and fuller lips than ever before. After initially tweeting last year that she felt hurt and insulted that anyone could even suggest that she had anything done to her lips, Kylie Jenner eventually came clean and told us all what we knew anyway, which was Yes ( yawn ) she’s been having filler in her lips.

Thinking about going Bigger Rounder and Fuller

then theres a few things you really do need to know. Angelinas lips look great on her, but they may not look so great on you, and thats because as Cheryl Barton our Lead Nurse tells us, ” its all to do with the primary shape of your lips and how those proportions compare and contrast with the anatomical harmony and balance of the rest of your facial features”. Then there is the Big Issue of which Filler Treatment is Right for Me ? Fillers are the same, there is no One Size Fits All, there are basically two types, permanent and temporary fillers, they are all given by either as an injection or via a cannula or the procedure can be a undertaken using a combination of both and the product choice for fillers is huge here in the UK. Then theres the very important issue of who exactly is that person injecting you, are they qualified or even insured to do so ? Did you even ask or have you taken it on face value that she’s a doctor or he’s a nurse. There are too may stories of bogus nurse and doctors as this BBC report uncovered.

W would suggest that if you are considering any cosmetic injection that you you follow Aesthetika’s 3 steps to safety

Our Consultations at Aesthetika Clinic in Sheffield for Lip Fillers are offered Free of Charge, will take about 45 minutes of your time and are undertaken by an experienced Registered Nurse or a Doctor.

If you’re thinking about a lip treatment Call Reception on 01909 563000 and come along for a Consultation, there is no obligation to proceed onto a treatment, in fact we will encourage you to have a cooling off period before any of our treatments. We will provide you with written information about Lip Rejuvenation to take away and we won’t pester you after the consultation to return or book in for a treatment like many salons and clinics do and Thats A Promise.

When you are feeling confident and ready that this is the right treatment for you just give us a call and we can book you in at a time thats convenient for you, you’ll be with us for about an hour for a treatment session and then we will want to see you again in about a month for follow up and as part of our inclusive After Care package.

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